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 REVIEWS 9th Jan 18. I've been attending these classes for the last two years with my daughter and I would just like to say Friday is the hightlight of our week! My daughter really gets involved and her confidence has come on tremendously! Big thanks to Teresa and Sharon who run these classes xx 23rd Dec 17. Just started this class with my 10 month old baby and she had a great time last week! The class is fun, very active and the puppets are great! She was crawling around and and mixing in with the older children! A great step up class for babies! Nicola & Amber xx 26th Sept 17. My son and daughter have been attending these classes for the last two years and they have a great time each week! They have come on so much and it's great to watch them follow instructions (which they don't at home)and join in along side all the other children! This is by far our favourite class of our week! Susan, Jamie and Jane xxxx 1st July 17. Must agree with the above comment my two children absolutely love this class! Great family class for all children! Pauline, Rosie and Lina xx 22nd May 17. This is a very active class which really gets all the children involved! I have a 10 month old and a 21/2year old and they have a brilliant time each week . Teresa and Sharon have a fantastic rapport with all the children! 24th March 17. Brilliant class for little ones! So much for the little ones to do and explore! Highly recommended! Patricia & Thea x 20th Jan 17. Great class! Rosie and Angela love Thursdays highlight of our week! Emma xx Dec 16. Thank you girls for such great classes we love coming every week and Cheeky Monkey is a great hit with Judy and Hilary xx Nov 16. Love this class really brightens up our week! Tammy & Oliver x LOTS MORE COMMENTS ON NETMUMS WEBSITE